2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Jerks

It jerks into gear everytime , there is something wrong but dealership said that the way they are , I hate to say it , but Dodges are lookin better

Make the PROVE it! Tell them to let you take another 2019 truck with your engine out for a test drive. If it jerks, by a Ram. If it doesn’t, insist the dealer fix the truck. You PAID big bucks for a truck that works, it is the dealers job to make it right. If they refuse, take it to another dealer and contact GM, the number is in your owners’s manual. If they can’t make it right, you may be able to get them to buy it back if they can’t fix it. Check your state’s lemon laws.


I understand the poster’s frustration. If the dealership says it’s normal the customer service folks aren’t really any help. They tell you to take it to the dealer. Who…says it’s normal lol. If you can find another dealership that doesn’t consider the issue normal, you’re in business. Otherwise, you have to live with the issue or trade the vehicle, unfortunately. I have been there on other vehicles. It’s pretty difficult to lemon law a vehicle if the manufacturer doesn’t consider an issue to be a problem and won’t attempt a repair.

Agree that the poster should drive other 2019’s. Maybe they all actually do the same thing. Could be the way the new 10 speed shifts…?

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