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2019 Chevrolet Equinox - Electrical glitches

  1. February 19th the left mirror flash signal for passing traffic came on and would not go off. Upon the 4th time of starting and stopping it shut off and has been fine ever since.
  2. February 20th the low tire monitor came on and said there was 19 lbs of air in the front left tire. I found a air station and the tire looked fine but I went to put air in it anyway. When I did the horn started beeping and beeping till I stopped. I called and made an appointment with the dealer for February 25th.
  3. Today February 22nd in the morning while waiting for my wife, sitting in the car the radio started changing channels all on its own and not stopping. It finally stopped and the low tire symbols went off and all tires are fine and the radio was fine.
  4. February 22nd in the afternoon upon coming out of a venue the right rear tire was very low. Found an air station and filled up the tire and went directly home. The tire has not lost any air since then.

Is it possible these are all related? But now when I take the car in to the dealer on Tuesday the low tire monitor is working properly.

Tom Whitehouse
Davenport, Iowa

One word:

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I’d hate to be the tech chasing them Gremlins unless it could quickly point to the BCM.

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Is the tire pressure monitor accurate? Are you double-checking these readings with a good gauge?