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2019 Buick Encore - Steering gear delay

My 2019 Encore has the same problem (36.000km).
They said it’s the steering gear. They are short on parts and I have been waiting for a week and a half for that gear. Don’t know if that’ll fix it. Anybody have any comments?

I have a comment (more of an opinion really). I think it’s a bummer GM imports that vehicle from Korea instead of building it in America. I wonder if the delay is related to the supply chain being located so far away. Maybe not.

I rented one and had no problem. A couple weeks waiting for a part is really not very long so a little patience. It is drive-able? Actually it is one of the few cars still on my potential buy list.

Doesn’t really matter if that will fix it or not since GM is still on the hook to fix your steering gear problem. They owe you a proper functioning car. Insist they supply that.

EVERY car maker sources parts from all around the world. Even if your car was made in S. Korea, the steering gear may have been made almost anywhere. Actually, the car could have been made in your town and you’d still have a parts supply issue. There aren’t “spare” steering gear parts lying around the factory. Every part in the factory is scheduled for a car coming down the line.

This isn’t a build location problem. It is a GM logistics problem for parts supply.

Same problem as what?:confused:

No problems whatsoever with our '18 and '19 Encores. But fewer miles than you have on yours. My wife loved her '18 so much that she got the exact same vehicle including color, the '19, when her lease was up. Not a bad little car, IMO.

The only thing that I can add is the hope that you are being supplied with a free loaner car while GM scrambles for parts on this fully-warrantied vehicle. If not, I strongly suggest that you ask… Why not?


I’ll just add that I ordered some OEM wipers a few months ago and it took a month to actually get them. The dealer said GM was still recovering from the strike and were way behind filling orders. Whether the part comes from Korea or the US, it still needs to hit the parts depot and sent on from there.