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Ask Someone: 2017 Dodge Charger - Parts wait

Why is it taking weeks and months to receive a car part for new cars? We ordered a electronic rack and pinion for my new 2017 Charger Daytona and the parts manufacturers are not sending replacement parts til they have many requests what is going on? I can be without my car for months. It’s been over 4 weeks now.

“Imported from Detroit?”

Obviously they ran out - maybe because there have been a rash of failures?

Having worked for an auto parts supplier for many years, I know that the complicated collection of parts inside that steering rack can cause problems when even ONE important part is not available for some reason. It could be that the casting supplier for the housing broke his mold, or the rack gear supplier can’t get the right steel or there was a fire at the assembly plant.

Since no one carries any inventory anymore - because it is costly - the customer has to wait. And YOU as a parts customer, that already purchased a car, is LESS important that a car plant that would be shut down because of a parts shortage. Sorry.

If you are not being provided with a FREE loaner car, then you should file a complaint with Chrysler at the corporate level. When a car that is still under warranty is inoperable, it is up to the vehicle mfr. to provide a free replacement vehicle for you when the car is laid-up for covered repairs.