Corroded Battery Cable



I have 2002 Saab 9-3. I replaced my battery 11/22/06 and had a major dealership tune-up 9/4/2007. Yesterday (10/7/07) my car died. We opened up the battery casing and found that there was so much corrosion that it had severed the battery cable. The dealership is claiming that the battery had a standard cleaning in September and there was no corrosion. They are saying the corrosion of the cable could have started from the inside of the cable working itself outward. Is this possible? Are they telling me the truth or leading me down the path of cover up?


Just replace the flippin’ cable and find something else to simper about.


It seems as if your auto has an “enclosed” battery case. If this is correct does cleaning the terminals become part of a “tune-up?” It does seem that one year is pretty fast for a corrosion problem to occur. But observing the condition of these terminals should be done regularly by the owner. Is this the hill you want to fight it out for?


Battery cable corrosion never sleeps, but if it did, it would cause YOU to have the nightmares. Unusual things happen to cars so you can’t always blame the mechanut.