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2018 Toyota Prius Prime - Should I buy?

Should I buy a 2018 Prius Prime Premium
Coming from a Prius C Four
Picking it up Friday so please reply soon

How would anyone on the web know that. It is a used vehicle so without seeing it one can only guess. If you are worried then don’t do it or look at something new with warranty.

That is a personal choice. Me, the only Toyota that would interest me is a 2000GT. Note the 2000 is CC displacement, not the year.

Have it inspected by a mechanic of your choice, one who knows hybrids. If he doesn’t raise any red flags, the price is right, and you generally like the way it feels and drives, why not? Since it’s a 2018 you should also have the comfort of having some warranty left.

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Assuming it checks out, YES. Visit the Prius Prime groups on Facebook for more affirmation. Folks LOVE that vehicle.