2018 Toyota Corolla - Wheel not straight

Had my 24 month checkup and had airbag recall done. Now when I park with maybe a 5 or 10 degree tire angle, steering wheel is upside down. Car drives fine and no alignment issues. This only happens when I pull into park. The tire angle does not correlate with the steering wheel. Service center will not answer my question as to whether this is normal. Said all codes were good and steering wheel is within Toyota parameters. Their solution to the upside down steering wheel: just keep turning it until it goes straight. Any suggestions out there? I am becoming OCD over this this. Thanks!

OK , if you have the vehicle setting in your driveway with the front wheels pointed like you are going in a straight line what position is the steering wheel in ? If it looks normal then they are correct you don’t have a problem . Really having trouble understanding what you mean by it is off and does not match the wheels when you park.


Turning your steering wheel does NOT turn the wheels the same number of degrees. Think about it, if you turn your steering wheel 360 degrees do you expect you wheels to go in a complete circle?
The only vehicle I know that allows this is a bicycle.


Don’t worry about what direction the steering wheel points when you are parked and the tires do not face straight forward. It’s when the tires do face straight forward that your steering wheel should line up correctly.