2018 Toyota Camry - clock and bluetooth issues

Clock keeps advancing itself over 6 month period will move forward about 3 minutes. Wonder what other computer problems are waiting in the wings. Bluetooth is duplicating phone text message sent and received. Keep getting message not sent indication when the message went through.

Under warranty. Tell your Toyota dealer these things and see what they say.

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So your vehicle clock is advancing 1 second per day. That is actually not ‘bad’ accuracy - a whole 1/2 minute per month. Unless a specified clock accuracy was declared in the Owners Manual or warranty book - what are you worrying about??

Also - a quartz crystal and electronics in general - are all affected by temperature. So being in the hot sun, or just normal interior car temps for a vehicle when not being driven - will affect the accuracy. But seriously - do not worry about .5 seconds a day… Your Phone probably has much worse than that - but it ‘corrects’ itself when logged in and connected - so you don’t ‘see’ it. If you want accuracy - get a Casio Solar ‘atomic’ wrist watch - which connects to the Colorado Nuclear Time Clock (by radio waves) every night. This is an ‘accurate’ clock - as long as it receives the signal. Don’t get a signal for a few nights - and it too - will be slightly ‘off’.

Even early 1900’s Rail Road regulations only required that the watches worn by Rail Road operations personel be accurate to within 30 seconds a week, so at 30 seconds a month you’re doing great. The Watch pictured keeps to about 15 seconds a week, it was made around 1908.

Look up what the specs. for chronometers are, and you will realize you have no complaints with the clock. The Bluetooth is another matter.

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