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2018 Toyota C-HR - Wrong fuel

I got half gas and desired to fill it again but I accidentally press the diesel gas filling it for another half , I wonder if what will happen to my car now

Play it safe and have it towed to a good shop . Have them drain the stuff out and what ever they think necessary . Why take a chance on causing damage to a 2 year old vehicle .

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Don’t you have to change pump hoses to get diesel fuel? Having the same pump hose for gasoline and diesel fuel will cross contaminate each customers vehicle due to the fuel remaining in the pump and hose.

If you did select the wrong hose the tank will need to be drained, the engine won’t run well with 5 gallons of diesel fuel in the tank.

There is a BP station near me that has one hose for two grade’s of and diesel and every pump and hose is green so so I recon everyone get’s contaminated fuel either way.

How did you do that? Every gas station I’ve ever been to that sells diesel and gas - the fuel comes out of different hoses. You’d have to pull the gas hose out and then put the diesel hose to do what you said.

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As others have said, this pump setup is a very bad idea. Is this a local gas station or a chain? Someone should complain to the owner.

The ultimate question–IMHO–is:
Did the OP drive away after that screw-up at the pump?
If so, I predict that more than simply draining the tank will be necessary… but I sincerely hope that I am wrong.