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2018 Toyota Avalon fuel pump assembly failure

Anyone else with a premature fuel pump assembly failure?

The dealer took care of it right? Sometimes parts break. Given this is the first time I’ve seen this asked here, I bet the fix will last.

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This has got to be a typo; a 2018 Toyota part failing. I will assume it is a 1988 model car :slight_smile:

Yeah, you will have to check on a dedicated Toyota forum but then again even if the odds are one in a million it doesn’t matter, you are the one with the failed fuel pump. Hopefully the dealer didn’t blame it on bad gasoline.

The radio on my wife’s 2006 Sienna stopped working the first week she had it. It was replaced under warranty and other than a recall in the first year of ownership that was the last time it was at the dealer.

Stuff happens, that’s why there is a warranty.

Ed b.