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2012 Chevrolet Colorado - Battery drain

something is draining my battery in my 2012 chevy colorado 4x4. does anyone know what the problem is ?

Check all lights going out, glove box etc.
I can’t find the one I like, this may help.

The vehicle needs to be tested for a parasitic current draw.

A parasitic current draw occurs when an electrical component in the vehicle draws excessive current form the battery as the vehicle sits.


Open the glove box and touch the bulb as soon as you can. If the bulb is hot…the switch for that light is bad.
Do the same with the under hood light.


There are numerous things that can cause a battery drain to occur so it is hard to say what the problem is without doing some testing. There are logical ways to find the source of the trouble and a good repair shop should be able to find the problem without much problem and repair costs to you.