2018 Nissan Rogue - flashing age light

The age warning light is flashing on the dash board on 2018 rogue. What Is the cause & fix?

That’s a new one. I presume you’ve checked the Owner’s Manual? Are you sure it says “age” and not something like “abs”? Call the nearest Nissan dealer’s service department and see if someone can tell you. Personally I wouldn’t drive it if possible but I’m a worry wart about these things and flashing lights on the dash tend to be serious.

What is the AGE light?
The service department will tell you what caused it to light up and how they fixed it under your warranty.

New feature, under age driver detection circuit. Consider it a compliment it’s on…


This might help to identify which light is flashing.

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I hope that the OP will return to clarify exactly which warning light was actually flashing.
Based on the website that Bing posted, apparently there isn’t an “age” light.


Additionally, unless the OP has put a LOT of miles on this vehicle over the past 2 years, the problem will likely be covered by the warranty.

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