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2015 Nissan Rogue headlights

I have a Nissan Rogue 2015 when its raining or riding down a street with street lights. you cant even tell if your headlights are on. the headlights are in good condition. i just feel like this is unsafe. I’m trying to find something to help with the headlight problem

Are you sure your headlights are on?

I see many Nissan Rogues driving at night with just their daytime running lights on, Do you want to know how I can tell, because their taillights are not on.

A lot of people think they have automatic on head lights, in reality, they just have daytime running lights.
They don’t realize they are driving at night with their headlights and taillights off.


When you say the headlights are in good condition, does this mean there’s no fogging or yellowing on the outside or inside?

Some people say that a brighter bulb such as a SilverStar makes a difference, although I believe the tradeoff is a shorter bulb life.


on both Nissans I bought new, headlights were improperly adjusted, they were pretty much pointing to the ground in front of the car

the adjusting screw is easily reachable under the hood and Philips#2 is to be used to make adjustments (Nissan is quite cheap, so they provide a cogwheel meshing directly with PH#2)

all it takes is to find a flat parking lot with a building next it, get your car all the way to the wall and attach sticky notes to the centers of where headlights will hit the wall; back up the car by something like 20-25 feet, check where centers of the lights are now, they are supposed to drop by something like a foot or so; use screwdriver to adjust individual headlight assemblies to get there

do not try pointing headlights up or make them to keep at sticky notes as you will be blinding the ongoing drivers, but you will NOT have better visibility either

if it is too complex to do in DIY mode, get your car to the shop and ask to adjust headlights as appropriate

With daytime running lights the dashboard lights are off. So if someone drives at night with only running lights he must be out of it since the dashboard is dark.

Do you know this to be a fact for the Nissan Rogue? For many cars, including mine, this is not true.

With almost all new cars the dash lights are on when the engine is running.

Probably correct. However our two cars have dark dashboards with the daytime running lights on.

In Canada daytime running lights became law may years ago and the manufacturers just rewired them to be on all the time. The daytime intensity, however, is a little less than the nighttime low beam settings.

Even if everything is working it can be difficult to tell if your headlights are on when the road is wet and there’s nobody in head of you. The light from the headlight tends to just reflect off the road and bounce away, the water on the road forming a smooth mirror-like surface. When the road is dry some of the light always gets reflected back to the driver due to the roughness of the road surface.