2018 Nissan Maxima - Wiper fluid issue

Windshield wiper fluid does not spray windshield

Does it spray a stream of washer fluid ok, but the stream is missing the windshield? If so, usually means the nozzle is clogged or not aimed correctly. A shop could fix that for you. If you want to try yourself, first try cleaning the nozzle. Secure 2-3 inches of very thin wire, like 30 AWG. See if you can slip that wire (remove insulation if necessary) just slightly inside the nozzle, hopefully will clear accumulated gunk. Don’t force wire or anything else into nozzle, may damage it. If stream is still missing windshield, many of the sprayer nozzles have a rotating ball-in socket arrangement that allows you to aim the stream. Varies design to design. On my cars I aim the nozzles using a straight pin. Like the type of pin that comes with dress shirts. If nothing seems to work, replacement nozzles are available.