2018 mazda 6 headlight change

I have a 2018 mazda 6 sport. Nothing is wrong with my car or the lights but i sort of wanted to change them to one of those things where the lights make some shape or cool design on it. What is the name of those types of lights and where should i buy them?

Unless the vehicle warranty has expired, I wouldn’t be messing with the vehicle just yet.



Thats fair, honestly was just feeling greedy with this tax return. But what are the names of those different head lights. I really do want know. What gives them that unique style

I don’t worry about that kind of stuff.

I never do modifications to a vehicle that I can’t see, while sitting in the drivers seat.


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Halo lights? Probably not a lot of choices for such a new car.

Being an old fart, I judge headlights on their ability to light my way.:nerd_face:

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I hope my car doesnt blind drivers lol, i wanted something like thisdownload

Nobody here’s gonna disagree … lol …

Typically, I’ve seen those done by the guys that do auto sound systems.

try a mazda website. they have more info.

You can get those from Mazda but be prepared to shell out over $800 a piece for them. Plus, if your 6 doesn’t already have the switches installed for the self leveling and active tracking systems (to defeat them), you will have to add those in as well.

Any non-OEM system you install on your 6 will be noticeable inferior and will void your warranty.

Didnt think it would b so expensive… and if its going to void my warranty i can certainly wait lol thanks