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2018 Lincoln Navigator

Been holding off buying another Navi until there is a significant body change. Will that be 2018? And if so, when can I get one? Thx

I dunno but sounds like 2017 is supposed to be the major overhaul with aluminum parts just like the truck. Sales are down to about 12,000 a year. How much can be spent updating on sales that low?

Aim thinking they HAVE to make a body change to improve sales.

just Google it and look at the changes.

The auto press claims that the redesigned Expedition/Navigator will be in the 2018 model year. I expect it will be available about one year from now. That is, I doubt there will be an early release next spring. But keep reading the auto press to see if an early release will take place.

Edit: I forgot to mention that these SUVs will be an F150 with the wagon body.

I only see the concept car. Not what it will actually be. Any hints as to ur Google search? Thx

Have you seen any pix other than the concept?

The production model pictures will probably be kept from the public for as long as possible.
This is an old article about the 2018 Expedition (the basis for the Navigator).

Thank you for the article. I’m hoping it will resemble the concept car. :pray:t3:

The 18 is a total overhaul. Check out the concept Thx

No pictures of the production model yet.

It’s incremental spend, because of the commonality with the Expedition at >40K sales.