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2018 Kia Forte - persistent brake noise after service

7 month old leased car. had brake noise took to dealer. refused test drive. came back to get car, said pebble got lodged in brake, and probably pebble punctured condenser. left with no air and same noise ??!! is this possible?

Highly unlikely. What I would do. Save the report from the service depart. Take your Kia to another dealer, describe the problem to the service writer, do not mention anything about the first dealer. Hopefully dealer #2 will fix your problem. If not then elevate your complaint up the chain.
“Probably punctured condenser” and “left with no air” makes no sense to me what they are describing. Could you post exactly what the report says.

thanks gpeirce!!!
i will look for it :slight_smile:

Last year I had a late model Lexus come into the shop with stone damage to the A/C condenser, this can be an expensive repair.

That is where I was confused. The stated problem was brake noise.
How did a pebble in a brake damage condenser? Was thinking OP might have meant caliper. Would have preferred the exact wording in the service report.
If Nevada_545 interpretation of the OP is correct, that the AC was not working when the OP brought the car in. Then this is a seperate problem. Sure, puncturing a condenser is possible. I would assume that that scenario would be considered road hazard damage with repair cost paid by the owner and possibly covered buy insurance.

thanks…and darn

There are usually plastic or metal engine shields underneath the car to help prevent road rocks popping up and damaging something in the engine compartment, like the AC condenser . Sometimes portions of those shields will fall off, so ask you shop to verify they are all present, if not replace the missing ones.

The A/C condenser is in front of the engine compartment behind the cars grill, you don’t need the advice of a mechanic to tell you if something is missing, you could probably ask your children if the grill is missing.

thanks for this george!!!

Best of luck there Lauren :slight_smile: