2018 Kia Forte - No brakes

My car brake system went out and no brakes at all. Has anyone else had this problem?

Only when a brake line fails.


Yes, years ago I had that problem on my truck, suddenly for no apparent reason while approaching stop light, no brakes at all. Had to use emergency brake. Turned out problem was the brake pedal linkage to brake master cylinder came undone.

If you have some brake function, just not as good as usual, could be a failure is one of these

  • brake master cylinder
  • brake line
  • wheel cylinder
  • caliper
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Has the problem been diagnosed yet?

My father in law had this problem on a 1 year old Pinto. H was npt aware of running over something but some piece of road trash put a hole in his metal brake line going to the rear.

It does not matter if anyone else has experinced this. If you are not able to diagnose and fix this, it needs to be towed to a shop or dealer. I mention dealer because it could be something covered by warranty like master cylinder or ABS.