2006 Kia Rio Brake Mystery

Please, please help me. I’ve had this issue for many months and many hundreds of dollars. My front brakes begin to stick after only a couple miles of driving even if it’s freeway driving with very little brake use. The pedel gets hard and the brakes clamp down so hard that I can’t get my car over 40 even with the gas to the floor. I’ve replaced my calipers, pads and rotors and nothing has fixed it. Funny thing though, when I replaced the calipers and bled the brakes very little fluid came out but it took alot in. However, my fluid resevoir is full and there are no noticeable leaks. Any ideas? Also, my car does not have ABS.

Master cylinder?

You probably have flexible rubber brake lines running to those calipers. It is quite possible that they have deteriorated on the inside and are restricting fluid flow. This would keep hydraulic pressure on the caliper pistons and may account for low fluid flow when bleeding. I’d replace those.

Is there some kind of test to figure out for sure what is wrong? I’m just so tired of replacing part after part and it not fixing it. Also, I forgot to mention. A couple months before this it was my back brakes that were sticking however after loosening the parking brake cable that stopped. Weird coincidence thought that both brakes would have a sticking problem just a month from eachother.