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Installing trailer brake controller on Grand Cherokee

I recently purchased a Draw-Tite Activator 2 brake controller and would like to install it in my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have a dealer installed tow package on the Jeep, and so I have the blue wire already strung from the 7-prong trailer hook up to the front of the Jeep near the fuse box. Is there a way to get power to the controller without drilling a hole in the firewall and running wire directly from the battery?

Look under the dash at the fuse box. There may be a power tap or an unused fuse socket. And if one is found, you have to decide if you want it switched or unswitched.


You want the power for the brake controller to be protected by a self resetting breaker, not a fuse.If you do push an icepick through an existing rubber grommet be very careful. Experienced people can manage to route wires this way, but unexperienced prople have caused wiring damage this way.

I have the same controller. Since your Cherokee has the towing package I’d be surprised if there isn’t a plug-in. My 05 4Runner and 98 Pathfinder came with it. All I had to do was plug the brake controller in. The plug was right under the dash.