2018 Jeep Cherokee - Revs continuously

What would cause a 2018 jeep Cherokee to rev up continously??

When the engine is cold?
After the engine has reached operating temperature?
While it is in neutral?
While the trans is in gear?

As the old saying tells us, “The Devil is in the details”, but you failed to provide any details.


since we are guessing with little info…AIC, dirty throttle body, floor mat hitting gas pedal

A bad coolant temp sensor to the computer.

If the sensor is telling the computer the coolant temp is at -40 degrees, the engine is going to go to fast idle.


It happened to my 2001 Peugeot 106. If I hadn’t shutoff the engine, it would’ve rev up to the limit. Apparently the battery was getting too old and the bad quality voltage was causing the ECU to lose its mind and miscalculate the amount of gas. I changed the battery, never got the problem again.

But except for the symptom, I have no idea if the cause of your problem is anything close.