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2018 Hyundai Kona tires are loud

I bought a new 2018 Hyundai Kona AWD and I love it but have a question, At highway speeds the tires seem excessively loud. Any suggestions on how to quiet it down?
PS I couldn’t identify the car correctly as it, “KONA” isn’t listed…

Replace the tries with another model with better noise ratings. Research which brand and model from and/or Consumer reports and compare them with the tires you currently have.

Hope you are OK with spending $800 to $1200 for a new set of tires on a brand new car that may have little to no effect on the noise. Harsh, sure, but there is no “silver bullet” for this problem in ANY car.

sure not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for that info.


No one ever does. Whether that that pun was intentional or not, Good Job!

You didn’t bother to tell us what tires you have, so it’s going to be hard to offer much help.

we bought a new car and it came with bridgestones which i did not like. the car sitting on lot next to it had michelins which i did like. both had steel wheels so it was not like a steel/alloy or lx vs ex model issue. i wish i would have said swap them and we have a deal. but no and of course the bridgestones were awful in the snow. which is annoying in mn.

As Lion said the present tires were not named and also the location of the poster . I doubt if different tires would really make a big difference .

One of the shortcuts that car mfrs take with cheaper models is that they don’t spend much–if any–time eliminating noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), and at the end of the day the Kona is a “cheaper” model–hence very little sound insulation.

While other tires might help to some extent, the OP will probably only be happy with the noise level in this car if he has Dynamat sound insulation installed under the carpeting and inside key interior panels.

In the September issue of Consumer Reports, they have a capsule report of their test of the Hyundai Kona.

The three things CR liked about it were its…
Dashboard controls

The three things that they disliked about it were its…

“The cabin is loud, on a par with other tiny SUVs, and when it is pushed hard to accelerate–which is pretty often–the engine noise becomes intrusive.”

In its class of vehicles, CR rates the Kona as #3 out of 9 vehicles, so it is a decent choice, but it should be noted that the #1 rated small SUV–the Subaru Crosstrek–and the #2 rated small SUV–the Nissan Rogue Sport–are both quieter than the Kona. Look at it this way… if you had bought the #4 rated vehicle–the Honda HR-V–you would be REALLY unhappy with that vehicle’s truly excessive interior noise level.

As I suggested earlier, if you really like everything else about the car, then it might be worthwhile for you to have Dynamat sound insulation installed.

Thanks for that live in Colorado I need good in snow tires.

Thanks for you help, and I will look in to the Dynamat for my Kona.