2018 Hyundai Genesis - Shift Engagement

My 2018 Genesis G80 Sport, with 3.3 T engine, often fails to go into drive after I back out of my driveway, shift into drive, and step on the accelerator. Some times it takes 2 or 3 times, shifting into drive, before the car will go into forward gear! My driveway exits at the end of a sharp blind curve in the road and it is extremely dangerous for me to have to wait for 4 to 6 seconds to begin moving forward! A grave safety concern for me!

OK , same old question , have you seen the dealer about this because you have a warranty ?


Do you come to a complete stop and still have your foot on the brake when shifting to drive ?

Makes me think you are in a hurry to get into drive and may be trying to shift into drive while still rolling backwards.

Or stepping on the gas before you fully shifted into drive

friend has turnaround. he pulls in and than backs into garage. can you turn around in driveway? or back in? will car go into drive before you reverse?

The OP does not need to diagnose this himself. Because of its long-term Powertrain Warranty, this is–and will continue to be for several years–a warranty issue. The car needs to go to a dealership for diagnosis. If they fail to rectify the problem, then the OP needs to “kick things up a notch” by contacting the manufacturer. Contact info can be found in the Owner’s Manual.


If it’s operator error, the dealer won’t be able to find anything wrong to fix.

But they may help determine it as an operator error or a tranny failure. Either way Is win win