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2018 Honda Pilot - loses power & recovers

My new Honda Pilot AWD (6,000 miles) had an episode yesterday that was very odd. While driving at about 25 to 40 mph, I felt a brief loss of power and a clunk or jolt from the front end of the vehicle. It felt as if the engine was momentarily slamming against the engine mounts, while cutting out, then cutting back in. Then it would regain power and proceed on its way, with maybe slightly diminished power, until it repeated the “clunk-no power- power” process every few blocks. No lights came on, on the dashboard.
I then shut of the car completely at a traffic light, for about 25 seconds. Upon re-starting the car, it ran just fine. And it ran fine on a second short trip later that day. Thought?

Contact Honda dealer for help. Document everything. This should be covered by warranty. Read up on the process in the manuals that came with the vehicle.

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