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2018 Honda HR-V battery drain

Battery dies if car isn’t driven for 4 days

You have some electrical component that is draining your battery. Have a mechanic do a parasitic drain test on the car.

If you have replaced the radio, installed after an market car alarm, remote starter or backup camera, assume one of these is the cause.

Hi I had the same problem it was The AC relay sticking in the closed position.
To find out do a parasitic draw test see YouTube lots of videos
I connected multi meter between neg terminal on battery and neg battery cable it was pulling over 3amps should be below 500 milliamps. I then tapped the relays one at a time till amps dropped or get someone to pull fuses one at a time to find witch circuit is causing drain.
make sure you use a 20 amp meter and don’t open doors or turn anything on whilst meter is connected.
The Aircon Relay might be culprit as it is a common fault on the CRV.
Might be worth buying a new one and replacing it as they are below £10.

You’re under warranty, have the dealer check it out and fix it.

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… but be sure that the mechanic is one at the Honda dealership.
A 2018 vehicle is covered by multiple warranties, and the needed repairs will only be free if the OP has them diagnosed and repaired at a Honda dealership.

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