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2018 Honda Civic Sdn - Good for an 18-year old?

Is this car a good car for a 18 year old?

What are your criteria for a kids first car? It’s certainly a popular car. Good resale. Good reliability specs. You need good insurance for kid hitting things? Damage to others? And perhaps the civic as well.
Out teen backed into post with our new Camry. They couldn’t see post as it was dark. I didn’t really put that on the car.

IMHO yes. The normal inclination for a kid’s first car is something cheap. My first car cost $300 back in 1971. In contrast my wife’s first car cost around $2000. But a cheap car may not be reliable or safe. A late model Civic should quality on both counts. You could also ask your mechanic what he recommends.

I vote yes. Here’s why. (Safety)

Should be fine, if you have a lease or a loan on the car you may be interested in gap insurance.