2018 Honda Accord Sdn - Muffler repair question

I drove over a large chunk of concrete or metal on the highway and it tore up the silver colored metal that protects the muffler on my 2018 Honda accord. Does the muffler have to be removed or is the shield in two pieces ?

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Years ago, I had a hole in my exhaust. I disconnected the battery and welded it up without a problem. today with all the electronics and computers I would have them take it off and weld the piece on. this way the electrical current cannot back feed to the electronics and short them out. any muffler shop or reliable auto repair shop will be able to fix it for you.

We can’t see the damage sooo best bet is to take it to a muffler shop for repair.

Any good shop that welds on vehicles has one of these to protect the electronics in vehicles.


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Since we can’t see the damage, you need to have someone who can actually view the damage give you an assessment of the situation.

Usually mufflers don’t have shields, catalytic converters do. Take it to a good independent muffler shop and have them figure out what it needs. It might be covered by insurance.


Does that thing really work? It might be worth it. Come spring I have to do some rocker panel welding and have been cautioned to disconnect the battery first. Problem is it would be piece meal and would have to do it about ten times. Cut and fit, weld a little, cut and fit, weld a little, rinse and repeat for the other side.

I’ve had mine ever since I bought my MIG welder years ago.

Never a problem.


Thanks. Then I shall order one post haste.

Two 12v left. I got one.

Just got mine this morning. That’ll save a lot of hassle disconnecting the battery.