2018 GMC Terrain - Battery question

battery will not start vehichle after setting for 3 days, can you install battery tender to take care of problem?

a battery tender will keep your battery full charged, but if your battery is going dead after 3 days have your battery checked out. also make sure your not leaving a light or something on. a battery can go for a couple of weeks and you should still be able to start your vehicle. also if you have push to start button dont keep the key fob in your vehicle overnight in the garage. on some vehicles its been known to drain the battery over night because the key fob is communicating with the vehicle all night long. new corvette owners have been finding this out.


honestly if the battery cant hold a charge for 3 days, personally I would change the battery.

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And not have the battery checked first ? Or even the Alternator ?

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Test the battery and check for an excessive parasitic draw in the electrical system as first steps.


You might have to check around, our 2017 Acadia limited needed a new battery, we have autostart, and my regular guy said sorry we have to buy that from the dealer and then program it so autostart will work. Nothing is as simple as it used to be.

Sounds like something is causing the battery to drain quickly.

Before I can answer that I need to know:
Is the battery in good condition and been fully charged?
Is the car properly charging the battery when running?
Is there a parasitic drain when the car is off?

A good mechanic or DIYer needs to lay hands on with a multimeter to find these things out.