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2018 GMC Acadia - LEDs not so bright

I recently purchased a new 2018 GMC Acadia. After driving it for a few months I’ve noticed that the headlights aren’t as bright as I think they should be. The projected light from the headlights seems dimmer then other vehicles on the road. I contacted the service department at the dealership asking if there was a brighter light that could be installed. They said brighter lights might cause the plastic covering to melt. I thought LED lights were cooler then the old style lights.
I would appreciate any help or suggestions you might have.
Thanks, Jerry

If you want to experiment, at least wait until it is out of warranty.

A dealer is not going to use anything but what the vehicle came with and will not recommend something else because they don’t need the problems with warranty service.
And Purebred is correct don’t do anything to void your warranty coverage on the headlights.

Are you sure you are using your low beam headlights and not your daytime running lights?

You wouldn’t believe the number of new cars I see driving down the roads at night with just the daytime running lights on.

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I have both on. Still seems dim. High beams help when I can use them.

Are you sure you have LED headlights on your Acadia? In any case, the headlights for the Acadia are rated Poor on five trims and only marginal on the most expensive trim by IIHS. Here is how they test them. Here is a link to the IIHS testing for your model.

Based on @GorehamJ 's post, it sounds like your headlights aren’t the best. However, I’d be very surprised if there’s any easy (or even not so easy) fix. Not like there’s a ‘bulb’ to replace.

Visit your dealership after dark sometimes, when they are open of course. Then you can compare your headlights to another similar car on the lot.