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GMC needs brighter bulbs

My wife has a 2017 gmc acadia fits grandkids great only issue is the headlights are not bright enough ,really hard to see on rainy nights.Can I replace headlight bulb with brighter bulb?

Yes, you can. They may not last as long but vision is important. Hit the link to Philips headlight bulbs.

First, be sure the headlights are aimed correctly then go have your eyes checked to be sure there are no issues there…Nobody enjoys driving at night in the rain…

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I have been very happy with the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra bulbs I installed. However, does your particular vehicle use standard halogen bulbs (not HID or LED)?

“Some reviews say it’s hard to see at night w/ the headlights - I don’t share that viewpoint at all - the HIDs light the road very well. The bright lights are maybe a bit dimmer than one might expect but I don’t feel it’s limiting in any way.”
so, you may be able to upgrade to hid if you choose?
if you have hid and still complain than maybe that is telling you something?