2018 Ford Transit Connect - Belt failure

My 2018 Transit van, just over 91,000 mileage, suddenly shut of while on the road at 2 a.m leaving me stranded. Had to have it towed to a garage. No warning, no indicator. When the mechanic checked it the next day he informed me that the belt/chain connected to the engine had cut and the engine would have to be replaced. That’s a brand new engine costing over £3,000 for a van less than four years old. How can I get this engine replaced for free by Ford?

One: You mechanic’s report leave much to be desired. Which belt? Which chain?
Two: There are parts that are maintenance items to be replace on a time or mileage interval. Failure to conform to required maintenance is your responsibility.
Three: To obtain a free replacement engine, rub every lamp you can find until a genie pops out and gives you three wishes.


It sounds like your timing belt broke and because of the design of your engine it caused serious damage. From what I can find in a quick search, Ford recommends replacing the belt at 120,000 miles so you did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, your powertrain warranty was 60 months/60,000 miles so your Transit is out of warranty and Ford won’t help. Best of luck with the engine replacement.

When I did a quick look, 2018 and newer Transits used timing chains.

The engine in the Transit Connect has a timing chain. The original post states belt/chain, it is not difficult to choose the one that applies to the discussion.

If oil & filter change receipts are consistent with Ford’s recommended maintenance schedule, I think there’s a pretty good chance Ford will offer some help w/this problem. Since it is out of warranty, don’t expect to be made whole. But I expect a reasonable compromise will be offered in the interest of keeping a loyal Ford customer in the ranks. OP, when you present this idea to Ford, make sure to do so in a polite manner, and add that you’d like to be able to consider another future Ford purchase . Give them a reason to help you out in other words. They may want to do an autopsy on the engine to see why it occurred. If so, let them.

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At least the ones in the states,

Makes me think they’re not in the states, and could very well be a diesel.

If the chain broke that brings up the omnipresent questions.
What is the oil change regimen and how much oil was in the engine at the time it broke? Most chain failures are due to one or both.

The vehicle is out of warranty and even if in warranty (and depending upon my questions) that warranty could be legitimately denied by Ford.

My personal question would be how a brand new engine would sell for 3000 pounds; or roughly 3750 U.S.
Wonder if they are referring to boneyard as new; a common fallacy.

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what engine are we talking about here?