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2018 Ford Focus oil level

I just got a 2018 ford focus sel like 2 weeks ago and its been running great but the problem is my dad and I checked the oil last friday and it was pretty low so we put more oil in it and dad went under the car to check for leaks or anything loose and everything was normal. Well it held the oil good and this morning we checked again and was a little low again but not as bad as Friday.

Isn’t this still under warranty? Oil consumption is not measured in days, it is measured in miles. Check it frequently - every gas stop. Keep a quart of the proper oil with you so you can add. Keep track of the odometer reading when you add oil until it is at the full mark on the dipstick. Next time you add a half quart or full quart of oil, check the mileage and subtract from the earlier value. If the car goes 500 miles and you add a half quart of oil, the car is using 1 quart per 1000 miles. A bit high but OK. If you go 1500 miles and add a quart, that is one quart per 1500 miles.

Do that so you can determine how much this car uses. Not sure about Ford, but some car makers think 600 miles per quart is Ok.