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2018 Chrysler 200 oil pressure light

Engine consumes oil at 1 qt. Per 1000 miles. I know Chrysler puts out a bulletin saying that 1qt per 1000 miles is normal. But, my issue is that the low oil light never comes on? When the low oil light came on (momentarily) and I checked the oil, there was nothing on the dipstick…nothing??? That shouldn’t be that way should it?

That is NOT a low oil light! I can’t stress that enough! It is a low oil PRESSURE light. Whenever you see it you are damaging the engine. The hint is that you can’t see any oil on the dipstick because it is 3 to 4 quarts low. If you read your owners manual, you would know this.

If you do destroy the engine this way, Chrysler is going to make YOU pay to replace it.


Mustangman, I was typing the same response, you beat me to it.


Thank you Mustangman. No one at the oil change shop nor the dealership told me that. So, I am stuck in the cycle of checking my oil every 1000 miles and adding a quart until it’s time for an oil change.
By the way, there was such useful and interesting information in that user manual I read through, I must have missed that part about the oil pressure…my mistake! Thanks again!!!

You have a vehicle that uses oil ! That means that you should check the oil level at least every week . Choose a day like Saturday and check it before starting the engine.


As @VOLVO_V70 says… you need to check the oil level more often that 1000 miles. Check every week or every gas fillup. If it were my car, I’d dump that thing before the warranty expires.


Volvo, actually per the manufacturer recommendation located in the owners manual on page 474 states that the proper time to check the oil is after the vehicles engine has been warmed up and has been shut off for a minimum 5 minutes. That gives the most accurate reading of the oil level. But, Yes, I am going to check it on a more frequent basis in order to maintain the proper fluid level.

I am definitely working on that now…
Thanks again!!!

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Any engine is going to use oil, some more than others. That doesn’t mean you need to replace the engine, or trade in your car and lose a bunch of money. Just check the oil every two weeks, and top off as needed. It’s not that difficult, or expensive.

So if computer says change oil at 5k miles and you use 1 qt/1k than you will have none left. Dealer says it’s up to you to check level. You know it uses 1qt/1k. And dealer knows you know. So, you better keep up on it

With an engine that is known to consume oil, if you wait until 1,000 miles have been accumulated, it is entirely possible that you will once again run the crankcase almost dry.

Get into the habit of checking the oil once per week, and don’t wait until it drops by a full quart before you add oil. With the markings on modern oil containers, it is easy enough to add 1/2 qt, so as soon as you see the oil on the dipstick halfway between the “full” and “add” marks, you should add 1/2 qt of oil.

Must be a 2017 , the 200 was not made for model year 2018 .

Years ago my VW Rabbit had a valve stem seal problem and was consuming oil at one quart per 500 miles. My solution while awaiting the proper valve stem seal repair job was to just check the oil on the dipstick and top off as necessary every time I filled the tank. Not much of a burden.