2018 Ford F350 - Shakes

When ever i hit pot hole or rough bridge front end shakes when at speeds of over40 mph

I hate to say it… but that sounds pretty normal for a one-ton truck with a really stiff suspension. Is this your first pickup this size?

You have a 2018 and you should still have warranty left. Have you had the dealer look at this vehicle.

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hitting a pothole at 40+ miles an hour is gonna make your front end shake. Keep doing it, and it will do lots of damage.
As Volvo said- take it to the dealership and explain what you are experiencing. Not sure if it would be covered under warranty though, so perhaps leave out the pothole part…

The control arm bushings, ball joints, and tie rods should be inspected for too much play. That’s where I’d start w/this problem. Seems unusual that would occur in an almost new truck, but still that’s where to start imo. I have a 47 year old Ford truck, and it is still handling ok. But last time I crawled underneath I noticed the control arm bushings are deteriorating & in need of replacing.