2018 Ford Escape - Clunks

At each stop it softly clunks into first gear at about 1 mph.
Now and then it bangs into or out of probably 3rd gear. Mostly when it is cool weather. It bangs hard enough to startle car occupants. Dealer said nothing wrong and now won’t respond to my contacts.

Try a different dealer.
Elevate your problem up the corporate ladder, instructions are in your owners manual.


You should have a 5yr./60k transferable powertrain warranty even if you bought it used. Clunking and banging are not normal. Best case you have something simple like low transmission fluid, worst case your transmission is about to fail. Various possibilities in between. I second @Purebred 's recommendations.

Keep going to a dealer for this. If you have an independent shop work on it, the dealer might try to pass off problems to the indie’s work. Any dealer can do warranty work on your SUV. Try a different one.