2018 Ford Edge smelly AC



I have a new 2018 Ford Edge Titanium and before this a 2016 same car. The question is do you know what would cause a bad smell coming from the A/C? It’s not all the time but comes and goes. That is the reason I got the 2018 - I thought there was something wrong with the 2016 and Ford did actually buy it back due to the fact they could not get the problem solved. WE don’t know what to do - keep the car or trade it in. We really like the car and the cost of doing this is getting to be very expensive. Can you please help us with this.


This is still under warrantee, take it back to the dealer. “getting to be very expensive” ?? why would this cost you money?

From your post, they have seen this problem before.


So my question is have YOU heard of anyone else with this problem. Sure the issue was covered by the warranty but it was never resolved and now this 2018 Ford Edge has the same smell but actually not as bad or as often as the 2016.

Thanks for your time.



Maybe a Ford forum might give you better answers as there might not be very owners of a 2018 Ford Edge who post here.

Of course my question is why buy another brand of anything if you had trouble with one .


What were the odds that this was on going problem. We love the car so thought it was a fluke on the 2016.
So I’m guessing you do not have any suggestions for me.

Thought you could help