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2018 Dodge Challenger - TPMS

If my car says Los tire pressure inflated 28 does that mean I have a flat or does that mean tire pressure is just low

I really have a hard time understanding what you are asking. If you have readings on the dash for each tire and it reads 28 psi for one yes it is low . On the drivers door jamb it lists what the tie pressure should be . Do you not know how to check your pressure or inflate a tire ?

Everything you need to know and more is in this story.

What is the actual pressure when you measure it? What’s it supposed to be? How long ago was it at the correct pressure? If you don’t give us this information, we can’t help you.

28psi is low–32 is about right–but it doesn’t indicate a flat. Check all four tires and add air as needed.

If you have a discount tire in your area they will check the air in all your tires