2018 Dodge Challenger - Goes "Woo woo"

2018 Dodge Challenger GT AWD makes a woo woo sound sometimes when coasting.

we would need a little more info. Hemi?
auto or manual? where is the sound coming from?
back? front? wheels? tranny? engine?

It sounds like it’s coming from the front wheels

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sorry, not sure what the woo-woo sounds like. if you can post a clip of the sound it would help. is it a low grumble sound? or a higher squeak pitch sound? it just could be the tires on certain roads because you said it happens sometimes. when it happens try putting the car in neutral to see if it goes away. sound does travel. is the car in AWD when this happens?

Check the condition/level of the gear oil in the front differential.


AWD Challengers are all V6’s with the automatic. The AWD system is full-time. I’d bet it has something to do with the front diff, or maybe a bad CV joint.

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I’ve heard a sound like that coming from a tire with worn tread. Take a look at the tread on your tires, notice anything unusual?, weird wear patterns, etc. Check the inflation pressures too. Other possibilities include problematic wheel bearings, CV joints, and differential gears.

Other tests you could try to narrow it down: Does the sound change with vehicle speed? Does it change when you turn? If so, is it louder when you turn one direction compared to the other?

Can the OP tell us whether the diff fluid has ever been changed? By my standards, it should have been changed at least once.

Probably it will get worse, and you will know the real problem,


The diff fluid has never been changed . The car only has 24000 Miles on it .The sound is a low woo woo sound I hear it both in RWD & AWD I will try putting the car in neutral the next time I hear it .The tires don’t look worn ,Tire Pressures is 36 PSI I only hear when I’m coasting it is the loudest at 49 to 40 MPH if I step on the gas I can’t hear it. The sound get slower when you go slower.

I do mine every 30,000 along with the trans and rear diff.

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That is also my personal standard for diff and trans maintenance–even if the mfr specifies far longer intervals.

I honestly dont know too much about dodges especially your make. So you dont ahve to take my advice. But im curiosu if this is one owner vehicle or if you bought it with low milage.

If it’s the ladder id suggest check your wheel bearings, sometime they can make a “woo woo” souns if im thinking of the right one. The reason id suggest from buying a low milage and wheel bearing is, if they bought it in 2018 drove the 24000 miles then let it sit for 3 yrs before you got it and drove it the rust that would accumulate could cause premature wear on vital suspension parts.

After all that it would be good if while your driving you could get a sound clip of it happening. Just put your phone or record and just record. I hope you can solve the issue soon to enjoy the fullest of your car.

Where did that nonsense come from ?


Failing to change-out the rear diff fluid isn’t going to cause noises at 24K miles, but if the fluid level is low, that most certainly cause a noticeable sound. Suggest to check the rear diff fluid level asap.

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