2018 Chevrolet Malibu dealer pushback

i do have the same problems with my car, but they told me it was because it was new and it had to break down in order to drive soft. but I don’t believe that I been driving other vehicles but none of them did what main does!
plus in my steering wheel , I been having noises coming from the struts mounts. but they give me the same excuse . the car has 2500 miles.

Under warranty. The dealer OWES you a car that doesn’t creak, groan rattle and operates properly. You spent a buncha money, insist they fix it right. If they say “they ALL do that” make them prove it with another car of the same type.

Look in your owners manual. There is a phone number to call to move your complaint up the ladder.


You’ve gotten sage guidance from mustang and Yosemite.

In addition, every time you bring it in make sure that the complaint is properly annotated on the shop order and that you keep your copy of the shop order on file.

Know also that if the problem has been reported while still under warranty, as yours was, the problem remains under warranty until it’s fixed, even if you go beyond the warranty mileage and/or age limits. Your records should you have them on file will be your evidence.

Maybe the hard ride is perception based on the softer ride of your old car and there is actually nothing wrong with it.

As for the noise in the struts (assuming it is the struts…) I can’t say.

Just do what @Mustangman suggests - tell them you want to drive another new copy of your car and see for yourself if “they all do that”.

As far as I’m concerned, “they all do that” only applies to dealers who don’t want to be bothered with you now that they have your money.