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Malibu Front End Thud

I have 2005 Chevy Malibu that has been making slightly metallic thud noises while turning. The car does not need to be in motion, but will make the noise in both foward or reverse in both directions. The noise is gradually increasing in loudness. I have inspected the CV boots and verified that this car has electric power steering assist. The dealer would not look at it, stating that the "Malibu's do this". Additionally the service rep stated that "if he had it checked out they would not find anything anyway." This noise does not sound like anything that should be ignored and sounds like major failure / safety issue pending. I can find no consensus on what might be wrong? Anybody solve this problem definitely.


As a Car Talk listener, I know Tommy and Ray would need to know that this car is color Woodland Green.

Have a friend turn the steering wheel, while you watch the strut towers (from as close to the wheel as you can safely be, with a flashlight). If the top of the towers (on top of the springs) seem to stick, and then suddenly turn with that thud, then it’s the bearing on the top of the towers.

If that’s the problem, it will require rebuilding the strut to replace the top part. I don’t believe they’re individually rebuild-able.

The “Malibu’s do this” answer is crap. Something’s not right, and they’re not supposed to thud.


One suggestion from another forum was too spray silicon lubricant into a hole at the top of the struts from inside the engine compartment. Is a realistic solution. CLS

Ask the service rep to put their statements into writing AND signing it, then tell them that you’re going to have a chat with GM regional about how horrible their product is since the dealership is brushing it off as normal, and it’s no wonder the government had to bail their company out. Maybe even mention you’re going to get rid of the junk and buy from a car company that did NOT need any assistance from our government.

Watch as the guy stutters more than Porky Pig trying to say a tongue twister.

I can’t imagine that this thing is still under warranty, so just find a good local mechanic. In this case a front end/alignment shop would probably be good. I’d be betting on a bad motor mount or the beginnings of CV joint problems.