2018 bmw 740e vs 2018 Acura RLX

I own a 2018 Acura RLX with 44k miles. I was thinking of trading it for 2018 bmw 740e with 10k miles.

Think it’s worth it? I know bmw is a huge upgrade wrt Luxary and features but worried about maintenance and expenses compared to Acura on long run. Please help me decide

What do you think is the plus side of the change?

Yes the BMW is a huge upgrade in luxury and it comes with higher repair and maintenance costs. How can someone else decide which is more important to you.

I will tell you that the BMW won’t cost you a penny more, if you realize that I am lying.


Bigger, maybe more Luxary with more gadgets etc but i love acuras reliability and low maintenance over longer duration. I just wanted opinion from others that might be car experts or have made similar decisions

There is your answer . This sounds like a trade that vey few people have made.

The BMW is out of warranty. Even though it has only 10K miles, it will cost you much more in service.

Your Acura is barely broken-in at 44K miles.

How much more are you willing to spend for the increased luxury?


Not familiar with 740e model? Thought E was a Mercedes thing.

740e ? Maybe a 740i ?

Yeah they have plug-in hybrid but electric will as only like 14 miles so not much. I think everyone has helped me clarify my decision that spending more maintenance money is not worth trading my Acura

4700lbs. 2.0 turbo 4? 250hp gas motor and 100hp elec boost. Reviews say it works ok. But it only exists for fuel mileage requirements. Maybe it helps your green feelings.
Who can say about reliability and no warranty.

Let’s see…trade a known reliable and reasonably luxurious car for an unknow, hugely complicated and expensive car with new systems the carmaker is not known for, that’s out of warranty? Nope nope nope


The 740e is a hybrid.

@jigneshspatel_180063, Edmunds.com estimates that maintenance will be about $12,599 and repairs will be around $8700 over the next 5 years for the BMW. That’s for M&R at the dealer. For an RLX, the maintenance estimate is $6800 and repairs is $2900. If the increased five year M&R costs don’t put you off, check with your insurer to see what the approximate equivalent insurance cost is for the 740e. If you don’t mind the extra costs once you know what they are, go for it.

Why would I check with my insurance carrier ? I don’t want either one of these vehicles.

msrp on bmw was $90k. acura was $55k. even trade? go for it.
2019 must be nice. quite a price difference from the 2018

Keep the Acura. It’s a better car. From my mom’s experience with her nightmare BMW, the gadgets are likely to crash, malfunction, and/or die. BMWs often tend to be electrical horror shows. The general rule of thumb is to dump them once the warranty expires. She traded up to an Acura and is much happier.

If you want a more lux feel without sacrificing reliability, get a Lexus. Though you’ll take a step down in gadgets if you do that.

The RLX is a fantastic car. There’s no way I’d trade it in on a BMW.

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