2018 Audi Cabriolet - Visor falls off

The sun visor falls off. Cheap plastic clip. This is three of them now that have broken. You can not use the sun visor or you will find it in your lap.

Duly noted.


I own an Audi. Never had a sun visor break off. Maybe it’s you?

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Hmmm… that 10 letter reply minimum must include periods. :grinning:

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No problem, Audis weren’t on my “short list” to begin with.

Ten digit includes emojis too😀

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I had to do a repair job on my Corolla’s sun-visor one time. It’s a more complicated contraption than it first appears. I had to lube a few places, and install a fix to a broken support bracket. I think what happened is the lube ran out, so when the visor was opened and closed the sticking put too much stress on the support wires and one of them broke… The visor had to be removed from the car, the covering had to be partially removed, yet not damaged, that was the most timing consuming part of the job. Repair wasn’t simple in other words. But replacing a broken visor with a good one is pretty easy. In OP’s case, best bet imo is to buy a new or used replacement. Tell the shop you want the old one back, maybe you can figure out how to repair at your leisure, then use it again when this new one fails. Once you have two, you can ping-pong them, use one while repairing the other.

If your complaint is that the visor broke in the first place, use that info when deciding on brand selection when buying your next car.

You can buy just the plastic clip and replace it instead of the whole visor. you can probably get an aftermarket part for cheaper if you want.

2018 Audi Visor. Sun. Holder. Clip. Support. BRACKET - 8W0857562A4PK - Genuine Audi Part (audiusa.com)

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