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2018 Audi A3 Creaking Sounds

My 2018 A3 convertible has started creaking. I noticed it when I start the car after the car has been sitting overnight or at the end of the work day. When I turn the steering wheel, I hear a creaking sound. I hear the same sound when I drive over a speed bump at low speed - but this sound seems to be from the car body (chassis) itself. Outside the car, I bounced the car front end and back end. There was really no bounce and no sound. The car has 21500 miles. Next service is in 5k miles. Any thoughts on what might be needed? Thanks!

Strut bushings?

There may be a TSB (or more) on this creak, finding many complaints from other A3 owners about similar creaks
“what they did was based on TSB 2043424/3 : removed the control arm (per the repair manual) and applied grease to the kidney shaped slits on the control arm bushing. Finally, reinstalled the control arm”

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Is it out of, or near out of warranty :question: If so that creaking just might be your checkbook and/or wallet slowly opening in preparation for things to come.