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2017 Volvo S90 - Suspension mystery

I have a leased Volvo S90 with 1 year on a three year lease to go. I took it in for a scheduled service and when I got it back, every time I went over any pump at any speed it would bottom out and scrape the ground. This was a routine service and as far as I know, they were not supposed to be laying a finger on anything to with the suspension. I took it for a diagnostic rum with the service guy and together we determined that anything over 8-9 MPH it would bottom out. So they took it over last Tuesday. So far they have replaced the struts and engine mounts in the front and are now going for replacing the from axle. It costs me nothing as the car is under warranty. But does anyone have any idea how “We did not touch the front end or the suspension” into replace the struts, engine mount and front axle.

They dropped off the rack?


“One place where the XC90 has the upper hand is overall ride comfort. My S90 tester came equipped with Volvo’s $1200 air suspension, but because of the sedan’s packaging, it uses conventional springs at the front. Combine that with optional (unnecessary) 20-inch rims, and the S90 can’t match the XC90 for waft-ability. The S90 doesn’t have a harsh ride, and it’s very composed over rough surfaces, but it’s stiffer than you might expect for this sort of luxury car. After driving an XC90 on air suspension, you might be a little disappointed. Just a little, though.”
this story says the s90 does not have air suspension of the xc90 and than it says it does have air suspension? or am i reading that wrong?

What exactly were they supposed to do during the initial “scheduled service”?