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Tacoma 09 Noisy, normal or not

My 09 Tacoma hasn’t reached 7000 miles yet and I have taken to the dealer twice (he’s deaf) because of irksome noises. Way back in the old days, knocking and pinging wasn’t that unusual, but in today’s vehicles? It also whistles, sort of like a vaccuum leak between 25 and 35mph if pressing on the accelerator. Dealer says this is normal too. I want an unbiased opinion.

Ask them to take you for a ride in another 2009 Tacoma and prove to you that the noises are normal. My guess is they won’t do it, mostly because they can’t do it.

Assuming you’re using the correct grade of gasoline there should be no knocking, pinging, or whistling. I’ve got vehicles that are over ten years old and they don’t make these noises. Your new Tacoma shouldn’t make them, either.

I agree with MC, but I might ask, what does the owner’s manual say about octane? If it says “recommends” you should not be having a problem no matter what octane you use, other than loosing some milage and power. I it says requires high octane and you are not feeding it accordingly, there is nothing to fix other than your fuel.

If you car is still under warranty check out the following to make sure you don’t loose coverage under the Lemon law.

Good Luck

Your Tacoma should not knock, ping, or whistle.

The owner’s manual came with a seperate booklet with an 800 number that you can contact for pursuit of unsatisfactory situations unresolved by the dealer. Follow that lead.

Sincere best.

Back to the dealer. The truck requires nothing more than bottom line octane, no ethanol. That is what we always use. Dealer suggests I try premium which is silly when the problem shouldn’t exist. Since the dealer doesn’t want to fix the vehicle, I’m thinking of writing to Toyota and see if they have any leverage.

Trying a few tankfuls of premium as a way of determining if the sounds you’re hearing are pinging and/or preignition is actually a good idea. However, it’s not a “fix”, just a diagnostic tool. If it turns out that you suffer from pinging the dealer will be duty-bound to diagnose why and correct it.

It would be a good idea to have the car looked at by an independent mechanic and get a diagnosis (not a repair) in writing. You may have a case in which the ‘lemon law’ applies. Check with your state for specifics.

Did the dealership’s mechanic tell you the noises are normal or was it the salesman? If not a mechanic, have a mechanic there check it out and put their diagnosis/explanation in writing.

In the meantime, write those letters to Toyota. Keep a paper trail.