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2017 Toyota RAV4 - storage precautions

Now that we are retired and can take longer vacations, what precautions should be taken if the car sits idle for two weeks or longer in the garage?

Nothing , I had an extra vehicle that would set outside for weeks and start just fine. Now you could put your mind at ease by purchasing a rechargeable battery pack just in case the battery gets low.


If the “or more” stretches to months, I would add a gas stabilizer and hooking up a battery maintainer.


Additionally, the OP might want to consider placing a lot of baited mouse traps in the garage, so that he doesn’t come back to find that rodents have chewed the insulation from the car’s wiring.

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funny , when younger i always dreamed of having 2 cars (winter/summer) and than i did! well for me it was a mini nighmare as i didnt drive one of the cars and was told after i started having problems exhust rusting fuel lines breaking and so on. the shop told me i must dirve the car or else it will contiinue to have issues! to make a long story a bit shorter… i filled the car up , put it on blocks and unhooked the battery ( i also used sea foam) but in your case of just a few weeks, it should be no issue…