Vacation Storage


I will be storing a 1999 Corolla for friends while they are on vacation for 2-4 months. Storage site Morro Bay, a beach town half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Car ungaraged.

How to store? -how often should it be moved? run (time)? miles driven? should battery be disconnected? -and any other instructions?

I here many different ideas in my circle of friends survey. Thanks in advance for your help.

Barry D


If you are only planning on storeing the car for 2-4 months and are willing to start it, move it, etc, I wouldn’t bother doing anything to store it. Even if you just start it and drive it around the block (Or up and down PCH a couple of times) to keep all the fluids circulating, and the fuel doesn’t stagnate. Because of the environment you live in (Salt/air content) I would cover the entire car because you don’t have a garage.


Get some fuel stabilizer and treat the fuel filling the tank. Park it somewhere safe, remove the battery (check to see if you need to record any security codes for your car first) and store the battery somewhere away from the car. I would suggest a battery tender (small charger that is designed for this kind of use, sometimes called a floating charger). Cancel the collusion insurance (keep the comprehensive.) Have fun.


I would probably just drive it 10 or 20 miles about once per week, maybe just use it for the day.


Drive to Pismo or SLO once a week and don’t do anything else. Morro Bay - nice town!


When I left Lompoc for five months, I disconnected the battery. That worked well, as the battery won’t go dead. I didn’t use Sta-Bil in the gasoline but a small bottle of it should be added on its last tankfull before storage. That is all that is needed. You don’t have to run the engine or charge the battery when they are gone. There will be many useless suggestions in any circle of friends.


Leave it be with battery dosconnected. Don’t set parking brake as it may must to rotor or drum.

My father has a loaded to hilt 4wd 1990 4runner(150k) that goes 4-6 mo not driven since 1996 and it still runs perfectly with everything working. Its only driven <2k/year.