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2017 Toyota RAV4 - Fix bumper before returning lease?

I have a leased 2017 Toyota RAV LE. The lease is due September, 2020. It has some bumper damage. Should I fix it before I trade it in or trade it as is? Which is more economical for me in saving money?

Without seeing the damage it is almost impossible to answer this . Why did you not use your insurance and have it fixed ? Go to a local body shop and get an estimate for repair and you will then have an idea of how much you will pay at turn in time. And you are not trading the vehicle in . You are returning the leased vehicle and then starting all over again.
Also now is a good time to read your lease agreement .


Volvo has good advice above. Another idea would be to swing by the dealership at which you plan to return it and ask them for an estimate on how much the repairs will coat you there. Then you can decide if you need a body shop to help you keep those costs down.

All good advice thus far…

As a mechanical type myself… I am aware that front and rear bumper covers are available both painted…and in matte black… They are an easy out… especially painted as the cost of paint will almost always exceed the cost of the cover itself…

Also… Unless there is obvious paint damage…you’d be surprised what can be done to restore say a pushed in or corner dented bumper cover… Some of those pushed in looking bumpers only require that you pop it back out from the other side… With modern and flexible paints…those “pop outs” look untouched sometimes. All depends on the damage.

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say…tho not in my case as I am probably approaching that number…but you get my meaning im sure… lol

You should be able to stop by Toyota, get their estimate of damages, then see if it is worth the time and effort to fix it yourself.