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2017 Toyota Prius - Service

i just got a prius and it says ‘maintenance required, visit the dealership’ I know this is just for a 50,000 mile checkup but I wasnt sure if there is somewhere else i can take it besides the dealership to get it serviced. thank you!

Yes, you can take it anywhere.

But it is under warranty so you might want to go to the dealer

I was wondering about that. But the way I read his post is the OP bought it used and is already approaching 50K.

Look at your owners manual and figure out what maintenance is needed. Do you know what the prior owners did? If not, assume it wasn’t done, and do it.

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At 50,000 miles you’re only due for an oil change/tire rotation/ and the usual multipoint inspection… The dealer could have fair pricing for services but it can vary.

The 2010 Prius that my mom drives has only been to the dealer if Toyota’s paying for it. Every oil change and major service is done by our local independent that earned our business with a fair price for the 30,000 mile service on a previous car. That was about 26yrs ago. They split the difference between Toyota’s intervals and have her come in every 7,000 miles for oil changes.

I’d suggest a dealership for this job if the car remains under warranty. Just steel yourself so you’ll be prepared to dismiss any upselling they may attempt. Nothing optional, only the required services. Be sure to file your receipts.

I think the maintenance required light would come on every 5 or 10 K miles. It is usually meant to change to oil and inspect whatever else the manual calls for at that mileage.
I have recently bought a 2011, changed the oil last weekend and reset the light. There are videos and instructions online on how to reset the light if you want to DIY or the local mechanic forgets to reset it.

Not only did you just get a Prius , you just got a very complicated vehicle . You might not know past service history so why not let the dealer see it . Sure you might spend a few dollars more and you can approve or deny any work they recommend. Of course look in the manual before going there.

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Thank yall dang! Ive never used this forum and everybody is so nice!!! I took it to the dealer, no warranty left on it. they did oil change , tire rotation, and the multipoint inspection. Was like $97. Im glad they did it this time but next time i will probably just do oil change myself and save some :heavy_dollar_sign: