Prius Needs Service In Overland Park, Kansas Area

I am looking for a recommendation to get my 07 Prius serviced in the Overland Park, KS area. I am approaching 90,000 miles and aside from oil changes and tires, I have not taken it to the dealer for service. I would like a recommendation of a shop which works on the Prius, other than the Velociraptors at the car dealerships. They quoted me $550 to change my headlight bulbs!

The Mechanic Files don’t filter down to the Prius, which in some ways is different than a Chevy…

Use the Toyota recommendation and see how you like them. Alternatively, go to a Prius forum, like priuschat, and ask there. Make sure you go through your owners manual and make a list of all services needed at the 90k mark.

I was recently told by a Toyota dealer that my 09 Prius needs an emission tuneup every 20-25,000 miles . . Thru car talk . . I no longer think this expensive ($200) deed is necessary . . Only if the mileage drastically declines . . I’d recommend calling another dealer you haven’t been to and ask their opinion re. Places to trust !, I purchased from different dealer than where I usually have my servicing done at . . Good luck !,